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What is Your #1 must have Baby Gear...?

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Im a first time expecting mom and wondering what other moms would say is necessary to have during the first year. My place is small so we are limited on space. Your advice is greatly appriciated!

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I would recommend not too buy much. We had the same problem  (with a space) and first we bought  Fisher-Price Space Saver Chair which I used from the first month and up to 1,5 year. It is very convenient and I could take my baby any place I want, it was also easy to transport to grany's house.  And by 7 months we bought walkers. it didn't take to much place, and I was happy about it!link for a chair for walkers also we presented our friends with very small flat  another more simple model of Chicco walkers, and they were very thankful, as it was amaising for their baby and really saved the place.

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