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whats the best medicine to take for a headache while pregnant

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tylenol unless you have a migraine then you have to check with your doctor.
Tylenol, Motrin or a generic acetaminophen. Both Advil )ibprophen) and Asprin (asa) are not safe while you are pregnant. Just watch out for some forms of tylenol which have caffine in them (ultra relief and migrain I think both do). Remember, on the the main causes of headache is dehydration, so make sure you are drinking lots of fluids! 
Oh and No Advil or anything with ibuprofen
I have migraines and the doctor prescribed Tylenol 3's.
ok thanks this is my first pregnancy
just take the tylenol and not the Ibprofen that can cause bleeding which you definitly dont want while you are pregnant.. I have migraines and the dr prescribed darvocet 100mgs and they work wonders but it might also depend on where youa re at in your pregnancy as they didnt prescribe those for me until the last trimester.. good luck =)
I am 15 weeks along with my 6th and I have never been the type to show many symptoms durring my pregnancy and this one is the first time i have ever had all of them lol I just got done with morning sickness all day and now i am having horrible head aches. So Its all new to me but your question answered alot of questions i was going to ask as well, so thank you and good luck! :) 

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