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Whats the best thing for strech marks?!?!?

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Keep your body hydrated...water, water,water!!!  I also use coco butter from the Body Shop.  I am not really sure if they can be prevented but anything helps.  Good Luck
go to walmart, to the pharmaceutical department, ask for the doctor recommended stretch mark cream. it's called Mother's Friend. they prolly hav to order it and it takes lyk 1day.. it's 6 for the cream or the lotion.. it's lyk the BEST prevention. my mom came out nearly stretch mark free when shee used it while she wahs pregnant with my 3 and 4year old brother and sister. im 17 weeks and it's what iv been using.. it's pretty efficient.
Thank you ladies!!
palmers body butter lotion apply every day morning,noon,night i did ZERO stretch marks.
Sadly you can't prevent stretch marks. Ask any doctor. However keeping your skin hydrated and relaxed (via lotion, etc) can help your skin stretch better. Your genetically predispositioned as to if your going to have stretch marks or not. It all depends on how elastic your skin in, how much excess weight you gain, etc.

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