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Whats the best way to sleep?

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I am 17wks today :) this is my first child, and im having a hard time sleeping already. I usually sleep on my stomache, or back. I have read that its best to sleep on your left side..I find this to be very uncomforable but i keep trying every night. Is it ok to sleep on my right side? Or even on my stomache still, my belly is that big just yet and when i try to sleep on my stomache im still on my side a little too, not flat on my belly. Ive tried a regular body pillow, it doesnt help.. Help!

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It is ok to sleep on your right side the left is just better. I sleep on my stomach still and I'm 12 weeks. When it hurts to sleep on your stomach that's when you should stop. Good luck.
I am 7 months pregnant and hon I am telling if you are already having problems sleeping it only gets worse.Your best best is getting use to sleep with that body pillow on either side. I breath better on my left side. I will keep you in prayer but just think you'll have a beautiful baby after all that sacrificed sleep...
You may need to try a different body pillow or a wedge pillow to help support you.  They have these body pillows that go sort of around your whole body - tummy, then down through the legs and up the back.  Those are supposed to cradle you more and help you sleep better. 
Sleeping on your side is the best for the blood flow to reach the baby. I completely understand your situation. I've always been a stomach and back sleeper as well. I'm 21 weeks now so getting comfortable when falling asleep is a pain in the butt. I usually just put a pillow against my back and one under my stomach so that i can lay more at an angle rather than just flat on my side. It's fairly comfortable. I've also learned that if I just can't sleep on the bed at all I will take my blankets and go lay on the couch. Built in back pillow! =) Good luck. Just sleep the way that makes you comfortable.

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