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what's yoga like while pregnant?

3 answers
i'm thinking of taking a class, but have no idea what to expect. who here does prenatal yoga? does it make you feel good? exhausted? energized?

answers (3)

i think yoga is great while pregnant. i went online and found alot of good yoga moves, i am five months pregnant and it helps the pains in the back, hips and legs.
Yoga is fantastic during pregnancy. If you've never done yoga before, be sure to take it at your own pace and your own flexibility. Don't try to outdo the yoga guru beside you! I think a lot of people try the "no pain, no gain" approach they apply to other forms of exercise. Yoga is not for that.If yoga is leaving you exhausted, its because you're overdoing it. Listen to your body and if you have a good teacher, she can help you with modifications where you might need them. You should definitely leave feeling energized. Take it slow and have a good time!
I'm doing yoga for the first time and I'm 22 weeks along. I LOVE it! I feel enriched, calm and centered and much more connected with my body and my baby. It's very spiritual even though, don't get me wrong, you get a good stretch and work out from the poses. It helps with flexibility in the back, hips and with leg cramps too. Plus the breathing techniques will come in very handy during labour! Go for it and have fun! ::Namaste::

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