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When is the best time to take an at home pregnancy test?

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I suspect I may be pregnant, but I'm confused as to when I should take an at home pregnancy test.

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They say that the best time to take an at home test is first thing in the morning.. with first morning urine.. try not to get up and go to the bathroom during the night and then do the test as soon as you get up.. the not going to the bathroom allows the hcg level to be higher and easily detected.. I took my tests in the afternoon and even got positive results but I woudl say first thing in morning since that is what is recommended.. good luck and I hope that you get the results that you are wanting =)
Thank you, to add to it, how many weeks after conception (I know the exact day it would have happened) is appropriate?
I dont' believe in the whole first moring urine idea with both of daughters I tried this and it came out saying that I was not pregnant but then when I tried again in the afternoon with my first it said I was pregnant and with my second I did the test at midnight and again it said that I was pregnant.  So I think that it all depends and since the test usually come in packages of two I would try taking them at different times of day to make sure.
it really depends on the test if you are looking for a day to take it some test allow you to test up to five days before your missed period. I took mine three days before i was supposed to get my period and got a positive. I actually took the test at night and it was not digital so i didnt look at it until the morning because my husband was not home. Not sure if it matters so much when you take it anymore as far as when in the day. Hope this helps :)
They say the first morning pee. I took mine around the time I should have gotten my period and it barely turned out. When you wait longer then it shows up at any time of day. Good luck! :)
First morning urine is when your hormones are the strongest, however you can take it at any point during the day depending on the kind of test you get.  Most will tell you to make sure that you haven't "gone" for at least 3 hours before taking the test to allow your hormone level to build back up in your body.  I prefer the tests that say pregnant or not pregnant, they cost a little more, but the lines bug me.  Is that two lines?  It's not quite dark enough?  I hate that, so we've used pregnant or not pregnant on our last two pregnancies.  :)
I took a test at the doctors in the morning at 2-3 weeks after conception. And got two faint positives. I then went home and took two more at night and got obvious dark positives. I agree with everyone else it really depends on your body. Once your past 3 weeks I would think it doesn't matter what time of day you take it, but the pregnant/not pregnant are the best.
You are correct this varies from person to person, everyone here has a different experience in some or the otherway. I think it should be after 1week you missed the date at anytime which suits you.Business internet
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when you say the morning after do you mean the morning trying or the morning after your period? x


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