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When can you find out if it's a boy or a girl?

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at 18 weeks u can find out..i found out last week at 20 because they have a better chance of telling the sex correctly
I think I was 17 weeks when I found out with my son but they normally make you wait until you are 20 weeks. I will be about 21 weeks when I find out this time around. Hopefully you don't have too long to wait. Good luck! :)
im 16 weeks and my doc said at 17 she'll tell me wat im haven :)
I found out at 18 weeks and you could clearly see the gender.
my dr told me between 18-20 weeks is the best time to be able to accuratly tell the gender.. We found out at 19 weeks this time that we were having a boy.. good luck =)
I found out from my dr. that you can find out as early as 15wks. but that it's more accurate at 18-20wks it all depends on how well the person who is doing the sonogram knows how to do their job.
At 10 weeks you can buy a pee test called INTELLIGENDER at walgreens or CVS/Pharmacy. It's 90% accurate. ALL my family and alot of their friends used it and it was right on the dot. Of course your 20 week ultrasound is the best, it's still something fun to try and who knows it may work for you too!! Good luck

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