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When did you first tell your inlaws you were pregnant?

15 answers
<p>Did you tell them before or after you told your family?</p>

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I told them after 1st trimesters. Just call me super stitious!
 With my first child my husband told his mother first and then my family. For this pregnancy My husband was anxious to tell his mother and brother but I wanted my parents to know first so I finally told my mom when I was 4 months and only after she asked if I was pregnant.
We told both our families at 8 weeks.  We tried to tell them at the same time, which is difficult since they are on opposite coasts.  I think my mom ended up finding out minutes before my in-laws, but my dad and brother were at a football game so they didn't find out till later that night when they checked their cell phones.
We were lucky, with our last pregnancy the 12 week mark fell right around Grandparents day... so we got to tell both sets of parents on the same day within an hour of eachother by giving them a card.The look on my Mother-in-laws face was priceless when she realized this wasn't just another card from our Chihuahua... it was also signed "Love Baby S.... coming in March!" She was so excited & started crying. This wass their first grandbaby, and she's wanted one for so long!Than we went over to my parents house and they were very excited too... Wrote in their card that Grandbaby # 8 will be joining the gang soon! (I have 6 nephews and a niece)This pregnancy the 12 week mark falls right around my hubby's birthday... so I think I'm going to invite them all up for a 'surprise' party for him and have the house decorated with pink & blue balloons and have our 1 year old wear a shirt that says "I'm gonna be a big brother!"
My family knew right away with this being my first pregnancy: the sickness was written all over me. My boyfriend told his mother once I was 3 1/2 months; but what he failed to realize is that she cornered me around 8 weeks into my pregnancy told me I was pregnant. So i believe it all depends on the relationship with the in laws to determine right timing.
My husband called his family as soon as we found out... I called mine afterwords...
It really depends o the kind of relationship that you have between the in laws. I told my parents and in laws same day and they were so excited! Also for health and emotional reasons its good to have a good communcation with both parents.It will make the difference, it helps to have a open and very supportive pregnancy.
We told our parents when I was about 6 weeks pregnant, and we told our siblings when I was 11 weeks pregnant. The rest of the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, & grandparents) will find out when I start my second trimester in 2 weeks I'll be 13 weeks.
we told both of our families on the exact same time through an internet conference via skype. we told them just after we made the home pregnancy test and it was positive. I was just 3 weeks. the both families were so excited and happy for hearing that as he (or she) will be the first grandbaby for both families.
I told my family as soon as I got a blue line, but we're waiting to tell his because a) we're not married yet, and b) they'd be entirely less understanding if we were to miscarry.  The "Oh, your miscarriage is because you had premarital sex, you sinners" type, rather than the supportive folks we'd need at that point.  We'll tell them the date of our wedding (just announcing it there, too!), which just happens to be after the first trimester :)


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