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When did you release your mucus plug?

7 answers
I'm 34 weeks along and was just curious around what time do most women loose their mucus plug. I haven't "released" mine just yet, I've read that the is one sign that you may be going into labor in the coming days or even weeks so I'm feeling a bit nervous. I guess the closer I get to my due date, the more excited I am but the more nervous and scared I feel for labor.

answers (7)

I lost mine 3 days before I went into labour.  I had my son at 39 weeks and 3 days.
I'm 38 weeks, 5 days & I just lost mine yesterday.
Some women don't notice when they lose theirs.  I didn't with my first.  With baby #2 I was about 38 weeks.  :)
not sure if i lost mine, i did see something slimy in the tub one day freaked me out. im 38 weeks.
I never lost mine...that I know of. But I also had to be induced. (5 days after my due date)
I noticed I starting losing mine at 36 weeks. When I went to the doctor Wednesday she checked me and then scrapped the membranes and the nurse said that I would lose more of it. Which yesterday morning and this morning I noticed it. I didn't realize how much there was but my doctor said that with some women you can lose it and it will rebuild. I'm 38 weeks and 1 day now.
I never noticed it with my first and had to be induced with my last 2. So I have never noticed losing mine. I know that its normally right before you go into labor.

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