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when do ur boobs start to hurt and go up in size and when do the crazy emotions set in. Im 8wks am i behind schedule

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HI! I do not think you are behind, I think you are one of the lucky mamas to be!!! Most of the time the tata soreness sets in immediately (thats how I knew I was pregnant all four times). The emotions may not have to worry about either!! I know it happens but as you get farther along, more tired, bigger, more tired, bigger, and more tired the crankiness should set in. I always go for a walk when Im cranky it helps a bunch. Good Luck my dear!!!!
There is no set schedule for this.  It all happens when your body wants it to.  I agree with mamaofthree08700 you are lucky.  I have been pregnant 4 times and all fo them have been different.  I am on my 4th pregnancy and I had the hurting boobs and the crazy emotions right away.  They will come eventually but just be thankful that you get a break for now. 
For most moms to be the boob hurting & emotions start pretty much right away. But everyone is different, some women don't get all the simptoms that others do. And the boob swelling usually doesn't start until your boobs start producing milk; which also happens at different time for each individual.
Everyone is different.  If you haven't had any crazy experiences yet, just rock on an consider yourself lucky.  Some women experience all of the dreaded symptoms like morning sickness and cramping very early on and up til full term... and they're completely miserable.
I agree with the other moms you are lucky. i believe after my 3 months pregnant with my daugther i started to get bigger but sore boobs and heavy. but with this second pregnancy i just found out 3 weeks ago that i was pregnant and in the 2 week of finding out the started growing and feeling sore, so you are lucky your not irritated yet, but remember this when you do get sore, warm towels or warm baths are your best friend. it really helps the soreness and pain.and helps you relax a little at least, especially after you have the baby the soreness and growth and pain will get really bad. remember the warmth.
Thanks everyone for the advice. Just went to the doctor and heard the heartbeat it was awesome.

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