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When do you ovulate?

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i have had so many answers. can anyone please tell me the correct time that you are supposed to ovulate? My husband and I want a child..we have been tryin for about a year now and still no luck. Is it because i miss my ovulation? Am i having to much sex due to tryin so hard? We only have sex about once a day. I dont see how that could be to much..but it still might be possible.

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everyones bady is different but the norm is 12-16 days after the day you START your cycle. To be safe we were told to have sex once a day or atleast evry other day from 11-17 days after the first day of my cycle because it can be earlier or later in some females and sperm can stay alive for up to 48 hrs after ejaculation. Also you said you were having sex everyday, if this has become aa stress factor you are lowering your chances of concieving. So relax! Good luck
14 days after the first day of ur period..u dnt have to have sex everyday, sperm  stays alive 3-5 days..but if u wanna do it everyday go fir it lol have u bought an ovulation test?
I'm pretty sure this website has an ovulation predictor on it somewhere. If not google is a wonderful thing. It does definitely sound like you are stressed and that causes you to not get pregnant. Wonder why that is though? Anyways I don't know about how to tell when you ovulate but I have other tips. It doesn't seem like you're having too much sex (if thats even possible lol) but I've heard that people who have sex more often take a little longer than people who kinda space it out. And here's the fun part! The best position for getting pregnant is him on top and your legs on his shoulders. I personally enjoy this one! Good luck and just relax and enjoy your hubby! :)
I used an online ovulation predictor to see when I was ovulating based on my periods, which are pretty regular.  I did tell me that having sex too much deplenishes the sperm stores.  You should alternate every other day or every couple of days.  We tried for 6 months with no luck before I found a online predictor, we got pregnant the first month that we tried after using it.  It gave me a range of 4 days to try so we had sex the first and the middle day.  It's also told me what our optimal day was.  Try to relax and enjoy it, tell him to avoid caffeine lowers sperm counts!  :)Zoo - your tip always cracks me up!!!  LOL! 

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