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when do you start to show

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Each woman is different, some may start to show around 8 weeks, some you can't even tell are pregnant on their delivery day! It all depends on your body frame and the way your insides are structured. I started showing with my son around 12 weeks, with this pregnancy I am only 7 weeks and my clothes are already getting tight and am starting to show a little! They say with each pregnancy you start showing earlier & earlier also.
Yep every pregnancy and ever body is different so when you start to show is totally up to your body. But typically women start showing at about month 4 and 5.
With my daughter, I didn't start to "show" until almost 20 weeks. However, with my current pregnancy, I'm just shy of 6 weeks and already have a little baby bump.  I know that some mommies show earlier in second, third, etc. pregnancies, but I had no idea that I'd show this soon!
I think I could see a little "bump" around 15 weeks, but I would say I started to show around 20 weeks (5 months) but it wasn't very obvious with clothes on until about 6 months. I'm a tall lean build.

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