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When do you start to show and feel the baby move?

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I am 16 weeks along and not really showing and if I have felt any movements I passed it off as something else.. I know with my 1st pregnancy i did not feel movements until 24 weeks and did not start showing until then also.. But I thought it would be different this time ???

answers (5)

its ok everybodys differant when i was pregnant with my daughter layla i started showing at 16 weeks and i could feel her move when i was 18 weeks but my friend started showing at 26 weeks and didnt feel the baby move untill 28 weeks so it just depends on the person dont worry its totally normal good luck!
I was told by my midwife that movement at 16 weeks feels like butterflies in your tummy or gas bubbles. Because it's your second pregnancy you probably wont show till later.
Every pregnancy is different.  I've shown earlier and earlier with my second and now third pregnancies, but everyone is different too.  I felt early movements with baby #1 and baby #2, but with baby #3 now I didn't really feel him start to move good until 20 weeks.  They are all going to be different, so expect the unexpected and try not to compare.  :)
every pregnancy is diff..i started showing a little around 15 weeks and feeling the baby at 17wks
they are right every preg. is diff. with my first daughter I never felt her move and started showing way after my 5th month maybe about the 6th or 7th but this time around at only 21 weeks I have a medium size baby bump and I feel my daughter moving all the time.

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