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when is it not ok to lay on your belly ? or is it not good at all to do when preg.?

2 answers
I just found out that i am preg. a week ago and i don't see the doc until the 3 to find out when i am due........ is it ok to lay on your belly ? in the fist couple of months? will it hurt the baby?

answers (2)

In the first trimester it won't hurt the baby to lay on your back, but it's never too early to practice not doing so. Sometime early in the second trimester your uterus is big enough to cut off circulation if you let it rest on the artery that runs down your back, which could damage either you or the baby, or both. The one on your left side is the strongest and won't be pinched off by laying on it even in the third trimester. But if you find yourself on your back every now and then don't worry about it right now.
Laying on your stomach -- early on, it doesn't seem like it could do much harm. I did until it wasn't comfortable any more. But if you love laying on your stomach, you could buy one of those pregnancy body pillows, like a snoogle, that you can adjust so most of your body is supported by the pillow and your stomach can kind of hang down without getting a lot of pressure.

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