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When is it safe to try and get pregnant again after having a baby?

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My husband and i have a 4month old baby boy and are wondering when it is safe to try for another baby. Yeah i know some people may think we are crazy for wanting another baby so soon but its what we really want. We were thinking of trying for sure when our son turns one but could we try sooner? Any advice??

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im pretty sure that after three or four months its safe to try again..after that time everythings usually back to normal..but ask ur doctor anyway
I think you can.  I have a friend whose brother is only 11 months older than he is, so I'm sure it can be done.  Jess is right though, check with your doctor and make sure your body has recovered enough from having your first son.  Carrying a baby for 10 months is a lot to put on a body and being pregnant while caring for an infant is even more. Remember that you will be teething, potty training and going through so many changes with your first and it may be better to give them a little bit of space so you aren't overwhelmed and can take the time to share in the joys of them.  My advice, wait until he's a year and then try, just watch your son is going to start going through some truly magical things soon.  Every pregnancy is different too, you've probably heard that already, but you may have had little sickness with your first and be sick for 3-4 months with #2.  It's hard to be pregnant with an infant who needs so much of your time and attention.  Ok, that's my motherly advice.  ;) You and your husband need to do what feels right for your family.  That's what's most important; if you are spirtual or religious - pray about it.  If not, go with your gut and your heart and do what the two of you think is right.  We spaced ours out by 2 years and it worked perfect...for our family, but that's the great thing about it being your family.  We can give you all the advice in the world and it's still your family.  Best of luck whatever you decide to do.  :)
I think that once your body has recovered from hte first baby it is ok to try for #2.. my dr said that it was fine yet some drs say that it is best for you to wait a year so your body can recover completly.. I have a 15 month old and am currently 28 weeks pregnant with #2 they will be 18 months apart.. we wanted kids close together so I am thrilled about this pregnancy however do be warned that pregnancies are so much different from one baby to the next. With my first I was only sick a few times ever and this time it has been terrible.. I still have days where I am getting sick and I am in my 3rd trimester! Things are much more difficult not only with the being so sick, I have only gained 2 lbs since getting pregnant this time.. so you have an idea how much I have struggled, but with having an infant its much more demanding. I could take naps with the first pregnancy if needed be and this time is not like that at all.. but it all goes back to what you are wanting, like i said I wouldnt change being pregnant and having the kids be 18 months apart if I could go back in time and do it.. it has just been literally 10 times harder to enjoy my pregnancy and keep up with a toddler that has now learned how to run =) Good luck hope things work out for you no matter what you decide!!
I always thought everything was fine once you made it past your 6 week check up. My mom found out she was pregnant with my brother when she went back for her 6 week check up after having me. She said it was the easiest pregnancy and delivery she had and she had 4 kids. I think it's ok if you go ahead and try. Good luck to you sweetie! :)

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