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When to set up crib?

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This is my first pregnancy and I am currently 23 weeks far. My husband and I have been looking for the 'perfect' crib for our baby boy. My thing is that I don't know when is the best time to purchase and assemble the crib. My due date is Jan 10th. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I sat up the crib for our daughter a month before she was suppose to be here.. I did that becuase we went into early labor at 35 weeks and thankfully after awhile in the hospital they were able to stop us from having her early. However it was definitly an eye opener for us because even though we had looked and picked out a crib that we wanted to get we had yet to purchase and set it up in her room and it would have been a lot for daddy to do if they hadnt been able to stop my labor.. Good luck =)
We've done ours at 32 weeks both times before.  Of course by #2 I learned that he wasn't sleeping in it until about 5-6 weeks anyway.  We had a bassinet that I kept by my side of the bed and that's where he slept. I just rolled it in the other room when I move around.  It was nice to have it up and ready when we finally felt confortable to put him in there.  His older brother also liked to go and see baby brother's space.  :)
i set up the crib at 32 weeks with my daughter with my son i just rearranged and brought in the todler bed when i got the urge to nest i think around the same time...this time i set up the baby room at like 25 weeks and then just played with the whole room until i was perfectly happy...i say when you get that wild hair go for it then you know its done and you can tweek what you want until you reach perfection!
I agree with jeanie, once you get that nesting urge, Go For It! That way you know it's set up when he gets here and you have time to be able to take your time getting it set up just how you want. Nobody wants to be in a rush or not be able to be a part of that because they're in the hospital when dad sets it up. 

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