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When should I expect my breast to begin lactating?

4 answers
I am 26 almost 27 weeks along and my friend who is 22 weeks has been lactating since she was 18 weeks.. is it normal to not start right away?

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Your auctual milk comes in MOST of the time within 48 -72 hours after delivery. Your friend can probally express colostrum also known as pre milk but not auctual milk. Don't stress over things going on in others pregnancys every women is different... Just like some women experince morning sickness and others don't. Congradulations on your first baby!
every woman is different. my milk did not come in until one day after delivery, however, i have a few friends who lactated during pregnancy.
I don't remember exactly when I started while I was pregnant with my first child but I do remember that it was while I was pregnant and I had a c-section at 36 weeks. So like they said all woman are different.
There really is no normal. Every pregnancy is different and different women experience different things. Most women don't start producing colostrum until later in pregnancy, much closer to their due date.

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