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When should I worry about my feet swelling?

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Was on my feet alot this weekend and my feet swelled alot. Got better when I rested and put feet up.

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My feet have been ENORMOUS since about week 31.  It drew so much concern from friends that I eventually went to my doctor just to test my blood pressure, and to make sure that there was no protein in my urine.  I'm 100% fine - my short stature (I'm 5' 2") is causing the swelling to be particularly noticable.  The best thing to do is drink a lot of water, avoid sodium, and keep your feet up as much as possible.  But if your swelling has you concerned, I would get it checked out - always better safe than sorry!
I had really badly swelled feet with my 2nd child.  I am not pregnant for my 4th.  I wouldn't worry about it really, but I would alert my doctor to it.   Have you had your sugar test done yet?  If not your doctor may want to check your sugar to make sure you don't have gestational diabetes.  They also may check your blood pressure to make sure there isn't any underlying problem.   But swelled feet is a normal pregnancy sign.  So I wouldn't worry about it to much.  But yes tell your doctor the next time you have a visit and they can reassure you.  Plus anytime you have a symptom that you are not fully sure about you should ask your doctor.

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