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When will I begin to show?

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This is my first pregnancy and I'm in week 9. When do most women begin to "show"?

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Depending on your body shape, most woman begin to show around week 14-16. I'm 23 weeks and it feels like my belly grew overnight!! I started wearing maternity clothes around week 16 because my pants were a little to tight around my waist. In the end it all depends on your body, thinner woman tend to start showing earlier than full figured woman.
My mom gave me her wide hips [she, more than me, has the silhouette or Beyonce/Kim Kardashian].  An ex-boyfiend that desperately wanted kids told me that I had 'child bearing hips'.  Though those might sound like things that American women don't really want to hear, it actually comes in handy during child bearing!!!  I'm about to be 38 weeks and jaws literally droop when I tell them how far I am... I didn't really start showing until my 7th month.  If you have wide hips, there's more room for things to shift and move around without making any big changes, until later, when your baby really starts to grow... then the only choice is for him to 'pop' out from you.
With my first baby I was fairly average in girth - 5'7" and 130-135 pounds. I actually didn't even start wearing maternity clothes until the 6th month because even though I grew out of some of my jeans, most of my pants still fit. My OB told me to stop wearing my fat jeans at 6 months. But within a month I had the waddle going. With this one, I was a little thinner, at 120 lbs. My DF and I could tell I was growing by the 12th week and a lady asked when I was due when I was 13 weeks. The bump was at a standstill at "just barely" until 15-16 weeks and then took off. At 16 weeks, I told a lady I was 4 months and she said "you're so TINY," but at 18 weeks I saw the same woman and she said "oh, you're HUGE now."
First time pregnancy can take longer to show, sometimes 20 weeks or more because your abs are still tight.  Those of us who have had children before tend to show quicker because the abs are not as tight (from previous pregnancies).  Also whether you are thin or large will also play a factor in how soon you show.  As long  as the doctor can find the heartbeat and your ultrasound was fine i would't worry about it. Just hang in there, it may be a while before you look pregnant or feel the baby move.
I am currently 14 weeks along and tall and curvy but I started to show around 8 weeks but I had not gained any weight so I  know it was baby and I am showing alot now but it is my first which is odd because normally with your first you don't show until later but everybody is different it also depends on where and how you are carrying! Good luck with everything! I love my little baby bump!

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