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When will I feel the baby move?

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<p>I'm feeling vague fluttery movements, or every now and then a poke, but I'm not sure it's the baby.</p><p><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden" /><input id="jsProxy" onclick="jsCall();" type="hidden" /></p>

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How exciting!!! Sorry I can't answer this for you, as mine is still too small to do anything, but can't wait for someone to tell you, so I can look forward to that moment too.
With my first pregnancy, I couldn't tell the quickening from my own body functions until around 20 weeks. I'm more in tune with my body and its changes now, after a stillbirth and this pregnancy. I felt the first obvious baby movement around 13 weeks. Don't be alarmed if you can't tell if the baby is moving until after the halfway point - especially for your first baby.
Hi in my first one I felt the 1st around 23 wks and now I felt this one clear that I can say this is my baby around 20 wks. He move a lot a lot. But don't worry every person is different 
:) I'm 27 weeks with my first, and I didn't feel him really kick until about 24 weeks. He just decided one day that he wanted to make sure I knew he was there so he kicked the crap out of me until I woke up. Congratulations on your baby.
19-20 weeks
you should start feeling baby's movements around week 18. i started feeling movements about week 20. congrats on your pregnancy :)
I agree with all these other moms 20 weeks is usually the first signs you feel with the first pregnancy.. this is my second pregnancy and i'm 8 weeks and i already feel movement.. almost like subtle kicking and squirming. A slight difference to the gassy feel you get when you're, well, gassy... I can tell it's baby because i haven't been able to sleep comfortably at night and it's not the urge to pee. Congrats! and Hope you feel your baby soon.. it's a wonderful emotional thing!!!

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