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When will my belly start to show my secret?

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Every body and every girl is different. I didn't start showing till about 24 weeks, but i've known girls who showed as early as 18 and as late as 30 weeks. It also depends on your fitness and health levels and how well you treat your body. If you pig out and use the baby as an excuse to slack on workouts and good diet expect that bell to come quickly. But if your a healthy person you can be happy to know it will take a little more baby growth spurts to show your secret.
I'm preg with #2 and i actually started showing at around 8 weeks... and now at 7 months everyone keeps making comments like "any day now, huh?" and i'm like, "no, 2 more months, but thanks for making me feel HUGE".  With my first i didn't show until around 6 months.  I'm 5'3" and of normal weight.  I think it depends on if this is your first pregnancy and like the previous answer, everyone is different.  It will vary based on pre-preg weight, etc.  I am also very short waisted so now i'm sporting this basketball right out on front as my boy has no where else to go but OUT.  You will show soon enough and by then you'll be dealing with all the fun issues that come along with that!!! Hang in there!

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