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When's the best time to have a baby shower?

5 answers
I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I wanted to know when is the best time to have your baby shower?

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there are 3 of us who are pregnant right now, me and two friends we are all due in december or friend due in january is having hers this sundaqy..shes around 28 weeks. my other friend is due in december and shes having hers next month.I am waiting until after the baby is born,because we decided not to find out the sex of the baby,and everyone thinks its easier to shop for us if they know the gender. another friend of mine had her baby shower when she was 23 weeks.I dont really think there is any rules as to when you throw one.not that I know of anyway...
I would say like 28 weeks or so that was what we done and then it gave us plenty of time still to buy the things that we didnt get and still needed after the shower before Maddison made her arrival.. becuase you have to keep in mind that the baby could get here early so atleast that way you are allowing time to finish shopping and preparing everything good luck =)
My mom always gives mine and we do them 2 months before my due date. Still gives you 2 months to finish up and organize. Have fun! :)
Hey im due in December and had mine last satuday at 31 weeks
I am 28 weeks but I am having my shower at 31 weeks. I think it gives you plenty of time to organize and run to the stores if they give you multiples (plus, you might have more energy) Good luck

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