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which is better concept dha or concept ob prenatal vitamins or prenix

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my sister is currently in her second trimester. she has been exposed to radiation. basically a stupid doctor gave her a cat scan, not beleiving she was pregnant. so she is very worried about her babys nutrition.

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She needs to contact an obgyn.  She needs to explain that she's had the cat scan and find out any effects that can have on her unborn baby and they will also recommend prenatal vitamins to take.  It somewhat depends on your insurance, your doctors and where you live.  Certain brands are more recommended by certain doctors or areas.  With my first, my doctor said to go to walmart get a prenatal vitamin, a calcium and a separate dha vitamin.  My doctor here says to take a prenatal with dha and a separate calcium vitamin.  The kind doesn't really matter as long as the amounts per ingrediant match up to what they recommend is taken.If she does not have an obgyn and is in her 2nd trimester, she needs to get to one now.  Prenatal care is one of the most important things to prevent birth defects, miscarriages and help ensure an overall healthy baby.  Hope this helps!
That's so scary! At my first OB appointment I told them that I was taking One-A-Day prenatal vitamins plus a DHA supplement. They said that OB-Natal (that's the name of the prescribed vitamins) would keep me from having to take the extra DHA supplement. They're big, of course and purple but they're easy to swallow. I was also prescribed some folic acid, in tiny little pill forms (they reminded me of birth control pills) and I take 4 a day. Folic acid is SO important for neural and spinal development, so she may want to start taknig some of that ASAP if she's worried about her baby's development.

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