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Why am I looking at info on this site for 10 weeks when I am only 9 weeks along?

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I'm so confused. My first day of my last period was May 14, 2010. I have a due date for Feb 18, 2011. That means I am 9 weeks tomorrow (I believe) but this website is putting me at the tenth week? Please help. First pregnancy and I'm just confused about all the timing.

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Well, I checked and you are about 9 weeks according to your lmp. For some reason this site gives you a week early. I am 38 wks today and I get info about being 39 wks. I dont know how their system works. Just know that unless told otherwise by your doctor, you are 9 weeks. Think of the info you are receiving as a heads up. :)
when it says your 9 weeks, it means, you have completed the 9th week,and are now into your 10th week :)
aww my due date is the  16th of FEB!! :D:D Congratulations

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