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Why can't I fall in love with any names??!!

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My husband and I are having a girl in January and I am having the hardest time falling in love with any girl's names!! I had already had a boy's name picked out but never could come up with a girl's name. Hubby's great-grandmother's name was Camilla and my grandmother's name is Rose (which is also my sister's middle name) So we were thinking of Camilla Rose and I think it is beautiful but I just can't seem to settle. I like Camilla but I am afraid it is too different and she may get made fun of in school since it rhymes with gorilla. I like it since it's unique but I am afraid it may be too unique.

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One of the childcare centers that I worked at had a girl there by that name & we never once even thought of that nickname. But kids will be kids. Camilla Rose sounds very pretty!
i like the name camilla rose
i like that name its different... kids usually want a different  name when they are older lol..
kids will always find a way to tease other kids so don't stress too much about camilla rose. It's cute!
i thnk its a very cute name..if kids are gunna be mean there gunna do it no matter what the name is..were namimg our daughter juliana rose (rose is his gramas name to)
I think it is a pretty name. I agree, kids will be kids. No matter what you name her some kid some where will think of a way to use it to make fun of her. Thats a downside of life. Don't stress just pick what you like. Good luck! :)
They are all right kids will be kids but it is a pretty name my middle name is Rose and I'm planning to name my second daughter who is due in March, Abbygail Rose.  I think the name is perfect I was teased a lot as a child for all sorts of reasons my skin was too white, my hair was too dark, etc. but what helped me the most was knowing that my mom thought I was perfect.  So what's most important is for you to help your child love who they are and love they're name too because her parents picked it out and they think it's perfect and if any thing please look for a children's book called Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes, it's one of my favorites and it's about a little girl who loves her name until she starts school and kids start to make fun of her.  I know you will love this book  and that it will help you to understand that your daughter's name will be perfect.  Good luck.
I really like that name.. I think that it is beautiful and if kids are going to make fun of someone then they can do it with pretty much any name or for any other reason. Just pick a name that you both like, and I personally think that since that name would be a family name it has even more meaning.. and makes it that much more special =) We have used family names for the middle names of both of our children and since you would be using family names for both first and middle name I think its amazing.. good luck =)

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