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Why can't I feel the baby move?

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I am 19 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. Everyone says I should have felt the baby move by now. I haven't. I have only gained 1 pound so far, too. But my sonograms and other tests show a healthy pregnancy. I am "showing", but I feel like pregnancy symptoms should be more advanced due to the fact that this is my 4th.

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i felt the same way...i didnt feel my baby til 23 weeks...i had cramps and didnt know what they were....but ever since they put the fetal monitor on me...he moves all the he hates that thing...and now im 31 weeks and he likes to move up into my right rib..i havent gained very much either...ive only gained 16 pounds so far..but hey the pregnancy is not over yet
I didn't feel my baby until 22 weeks. I had an anterior placenta so I think it blocked me from feeling her little feet!
At 19 weeks you'll only feel "butterflies" but most don't even feel/notice that movement. It is usually 24 weeks before you'll notice movements, I read this somewhere... Before you know it you'll be feeling your baby kick you like crazy! Congrats!
I'm on my second, I started feeling him move at 16 weeks. If your doctor isn't worried about it though because everything is coming up normal, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The bigger the baby gets you'll feel it.

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