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why do i feel alone when it comes to me being jeaolous over my baby

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daddy watchin porn and lookin at other women it makes me feel so bad about myself and im bipolar and think i have some post partum symptoms is this normal

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actually my husband just got a new girl at his work and has talked about her a couple times, not anything bad but its making me very jealous! idk what to do either =(
I think it's normal to feel some level of insecurity especially when we are not looking our best after having just recently given birth. I think the important thing to know is that just cause he looks at other women doesn't mean he loves you any less. I'm sure most of us women look at other men too, but it's meaningless. If you're having a lot of trouble dealing with your feelings, have a talk with your partner about it. Chances are he doesn't even realize you are feeling this way and would be happy to do what he can to make you feel better.
Everytime my boyfriend talks about another girl I get so jealous! Even if it's about someone on tv, I just DON'T like it! I don't feel that he is cheating on me or anything I just wish he wouldn't do that in front of me. Maybe it's just part of the pregnancy.
You should talk to your partner about how you feel and you should also see a therapist about your other issues.

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