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why do miscarrages happen?

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I think everyone who has ever had a miscarrage asks that question and wishes there was a good true answer.  But honestly, I think it comes down to it just wasn't meant to be.  Yes, sometimes it is due to an accident or something extremeley serious, but other times there are no answers.No matter how long, or how hard you search -- there isn't an answer that will ease the pain.  I'm just beginning my fourth pregancy, with only one child to show for it.  I'm early on, and hoping we carry through -- but no guarentees.  I was freaking out to begin with, but after an attitude adjustment realized that I don't have complete control -- there is a greater being.  If it wasn't for my 1st miscarrage I wouldn't have my adorable son.  So all the pain we go through is worth it in the end -- doesn't seem like it now, but it truly is.  We learn, we grow,we can relate with others and help them too.Sorry for the long response -- but If you are going through or have gone through just remember there is hope, there is a reason and you will become stronger and a better person.  I promise.
For me there was no reason found.  Sometimes there is something genetically wrong, the chromosomes don't form right and who knows.  I agree with marc_susie1, it will make you a stronger and better person though.

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