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Why do perfect strangers think they are entitled to touch my belly?

6 answers
<p>It's so annoying!</p>

answers (6)

I don't know... but I feel the same way!
OMG!! That is my pet peeve! Do they think it will bring them good luck or something??
touch their boobs!! if they can touch you, you can touch them! only then will they understand that in order to touch you people must first act... plus it'll make for an interesting scene if you're in a public place :o)
That's wicked! I hate it when people do that. But assaulting them in return by grabbing their boobs is overkill. I  think the best reaction is to ask them not to invade your space. If possible, let them know you need your space BEFORE they invade it.
tell them your not a Buddha! LOL
lmao, touch their boobs, funny! Nah, I'll just touch their belly, see how they like it. =3

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