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Why do pregnant women get hemorrhoids?

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<p>I thought it was just a thing truck drivers got? What can I do about them (so embarrassing)</p>

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Something about the pregnancy strains the muscles, uh, down there. They suck, that's for sure!!
And every single mom I know has them! Seriously! Every. Single. One. And even though they afflict, like, every mom on the planet, it's somehow it's this secret that's never discussed. I wish they'd put as much research into fixing hemorrhoids as they did into Viagra!
The growing uterus puts pressure on your rectum along with everything else "down there". That causes hemorroids. Ask your doctor for safe alternatives to drug-filled hemorroid  creams. I've noticed that diaper rash ointment applied to a clean dry affected area helps for external ones. Whatever you do, don't scratch the itching and try not to touch it  or let it get dirty. The last thing you want is to get infected down there.
I can't begin to tell you all how GREAT it is to hear someone else talking about hemmerhoids for once. I'm 21 and my husband and I are happily married with a second child on the way but at 21 hemmerhoids aren't exactly a topic of friends. It's terrible!!!!!
After I had my son I wasn't able to go to the bathroom #2 for almost 2 weeks, and when I did it was almost as painful as labor!! I was still sore from giving birth (19 hours natural!) and I was literally screaming and crying while trying to go to the bathroom weeks later. All I can recommend is laxatives after the pregnancy, and as far as during the pregnancy and hemmoroids - I have found that desitin works wonders! Prep H is ok too, but Desitin worked best for me! I think they are caused from the pressure on the intestines and everything getting shifted around and the strain on muscles. Hope this helped, and sorry! I feel your pain! :(
I am SO not looking forward to this part of my pregnancy!! =/
I am pregnant with my second child (2nd trimester) and I dont know if it's worst to feel the 'pain' you ladies are suffering from with hemmeroids or if the sensation of having to go #2 AND CAN'T due to constipation from the hemmeroids.  Just sittin there....waiting....and NOTHING. Uuuughhhh!
Maybe I just don't know what hemorrhoids are... or I'm not sure what I should be feeling.  I'm almost 20 weeks... is it still too early for hemorroids?  I will know when they start right?
kaitlynkristine, hemorrhoid(s) can be 1 or more bumps or lumps near ur anus. Some say their very painful. Im pregnant with my first child and unfortunately i had a hemorroid since i was 18 but thankfully it doesnt hurt. hopefully i dont get anymore.
i havent gotten them yet,,,,, and dont plan too.. my doctor told me its mostly cause from forcin a number 2..... she told me to drink a lot of fluids.... so i wont have to force anything out,, cuz the forcin causes strain.... and stress...  now once you get them they can stay forever sometimes... i normally drink a lot of fluids and eat fiber one bars so that my number 2's are easy......


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