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why does my urine smell?

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well the way I am taking your question is that your urine just smells stronger then normal. Which my urine smells really strong in the morning and sometimes at other points during the day if I havent drank enough fluids.. my dr has pointed out that it will smell stronger and be darker in color if I havent had enough liquids.. I hope that this helps a little bit atleast =)
Pregnancy heightens your sense of smell which could be why it smells stronger.
Is there a strange or darker color along with the smell?  If it's really strong and you've drank plenty of fluids you may want to mention it to your doctor at your next appointment to make sure you don't have some sort of infection.On a separate funny note, my youngest had urine that smelled like maple syrup first thing in the morning.  We found out it was caused by drinking milk late at night, but made me want and NOT want pancakes for a while.  :)

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