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why don't I get very hungry? I don't feel an increase in appetite.

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I am 25 weeks and have actually lost 3 pounds! I am actually eating about half of what I used to eat. Can't explain it! With my first baby girl I had already gained 15 pounds by now and couldn't stop eating! But since I am overweight my doctor wants me to gain as little weight as possible anyways. Your baby is getting everything it needs-just count your blessings you arent gaining any NON baby weight!!!
im only 11 weeks and the 1st time i found out i was prego i went 2 da doc and i was 4weeks i weighed 140...i went again at 8weeks and was 139 and they told me 2 eat im having the same problems i cant eat like i did, when i do get hungry i try 2 eat and only can eat like 1/4 of it...i dont have an appetite much at all and i feel like im gonna get sick every time i eat...idk what it is...they say we're all differ sum of us gain and sum of us lose...
Im 14weeks and im starting to loose my appetite but not loosing any weight!!!!

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