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why during labor do my babies always have a hard time getting past my pelvic bone

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Is there anything I can do to make it easier for my next baby to get past my pelvic bone?

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Are you talking about shoulder distocia (where the shoulder actually gets stuck behind the bone) or just that your babies have big heads?  I'd say have an active labor - walk around a lot to get it to settle.  You might try squatting when you're pushing, too - that position really opens your pelvis up (and allows gravity to do it's work, too!).
im not really sure my 8 month old alissa got stuck during labor but she was a big baby she was like 7 and a half pounds anyways i got in the water and tryed squatting and it was hard to get her out but eventually i pushed really hard and she came out anyways i would recomend no epidural because then your bottom half so you cant feel to push
I have the same problem. Have you every been checked for a "normal" pelvis? We didn't know with my first that there was actually a rotation in my pelvis that made it unnatural for me to deliver "normally" (of course, I still delivered naturally, but permanently damaged my pubic bone...). I know for this one to be prepared! (the doctor will know what to expect, and can rotate the baby to match my anatomy. I would see a physiotherapist or osteopath to get checked. They are better then a general doctor at finding these things!

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