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why is it that when i feel like i am goin to be sick its like just in my throat i feel it than sometimes i throw up a little bit of mt food but the rest it will be like mucus

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Every "morning" sickness is different. For me I had the same thing I'd dry heave, puke and sometimes puke only liquids. Its just how your body is handling the nausea. So I wouldn't be to alarmed. If all else fails and you still don't feel comfortable ask your doctor. They will prescribe or give advice on remedies so you can't get past it. Or just do what I did, sip on a small cup of milk, bear down and grin through it. It'll be over soon, about month four or five I finally eased up and its been a breeze since (including finding foods that are not only good but stay down). All which will happen at once and you'll begin to pack on the pounds!

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