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is there any why that you could check ur self to see if ur dilated???

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Unless you are trained in the medical field, then I would say no.  It's probably best to leave that to a physician.
It's not going to be exact, but I was taught to find my cervix when I had an IUD.Wash your hands really well, if you are dilated you can get bacteria in there. Squat down some, and put two fingers in your vagina. Reach up and a bit back. you should feel your cervix, its kinda rubbery and feels different than the vaginal walls. You should be able to feel whether there is a space in the middle or not. If you can get a finger in there that is about 1 cm.
@ avitoria thank you so much I know its wired to ask something like that but there wireder questions then mine but thank you!!

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