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This will be baby #2. Any tips for getting our toddler ready for the transition?

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We just talk to Julie about it a lot. And ask her questions like: Where do you think we should set up the crib? Or.. What color blanket do you think the new baby would like? To keep her involved in the process. 
When I was pregnant the second time, we always encouraged our toddler to talk to the babies and let them know that he was going to be their big brother. If he's old enough, you can remind him of the responsibilities he's going to have being Mommy's helper! They love that. I'd also recommend buying him a baby doll so he can practice holding it.
Same as above; our son is 4 and getting ready to be  big brother. We've had him pick out something he wants to get for the baby as a gift and he tells the baby good morning and good night or just talks to my belly whenever he wants to talk to "his" baby. He helps pick colours for stuff and we remind him how special and important he is and how we can't do it without him so he feels really important and will always remember he's first. We have also decided to take him to our next ultrasound so he can see the baby too!
I would like to know if anyone else has children around 18 months apart and how to prepare an 18 month old for a new baby.  We just found out we are pregnant with #2 and will be due around Dec. 4th.  Our son will be not quite 18 months at that time.  Any advice? 

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