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Will being a smaller women cause a C-section?

4 answers
I'm 5'6 and weighed 116 lbs. when i got pregnant. Now I'm 5 months and you cant even tell I'm pregnant Some people are saying since I'm so thin and not carrying very big I might need a C-section. Is that a possibility? I know someone smaller that had 4 vaginal deliveries with no problems.

answers (4)

Being smaller should not make a c-section necessary. I've had friends smaller who have delivered vaginally fine. The females body and a baby's body are made to go through this.
I am 5' even and when I had my first baby I only weighed 104lbs. I didn't have to have a C-section. Try not to worry but if you're still nervous then talk to your doctor I'm sure they can reassure you. I hope this helped. Good luck.
yeah it justt made me question it but my aunt is like 4'9 and had 4 kids just fine so  i think i should be fine. my doctor hasnt said anything about it so hopefully it wont. thanks :)
im haven my first bby && im 4'11 && really hopen for a normal birth =/

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