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will breast feeding change the way my breasts look later on?

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No, your breasts have natural elasticity and over time they are going to get less firm and 'droop' a little either way. (It sucks, but one of the many things unfair about being a girl!:( ) Breastfeeding doesn't change the way they look one way or another. I nursed my son for a year, and my breasts look the same as they did before I was pregnant.
i disagree i nursed my first child for only 3 months and my breasts look different.  I think it depends on how much they stretch and grow during pregnancy (and again after the milk comes in).  all that growing and shrinking does cause changes, some worse then others. you won't know what will happen with yours until you try.
It will depend on what your breasts were like before not just breastfeeding but pregnancy itself. Even for women who don't breastfeed the growth and stretching will change your overall appearance. It you were particularly large and heavy in the chest area then you may not notice as much. Me however, I had very "perky" c cups which I could wear bra-less and they were so much. They're nowhere near as tight or firm...a good support bra will help you out though so invest in one. No win my second pregnancy I only take off my sports bra to shower!
I agree, pregnancy itself will change your breasts they grow during pregnancy there for stretch and then usually shrink afterward. Some women say there breasts don't change or they are nicer after pregnancy and breastfeeding. They also change depending on how much weight you gain during pregnancy and lose after. My advice breastfeed your baby it is the best nutrition you can offer. Nothing compares to mothers milk and you will give your baby the best start, and it is something no one else can do. Also the bonding is amazing.
Scientifc factLbreastfeeding does not make your breasts sag..the whole pregnancy experience does.

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