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will the doctors take your baby from you if there is marijuana in his systems when he is born

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not from what I have seen. Both of my brothers were drug babies and my mom kept them. I think they just go into the neonatal for a while to detox so they don't go into shock and such.
i dnt kno why you would smoke marijauna when you are pregnant.. it can cause birth defects. its unhealthy. And yes child services could be contacted in some states and you could lose your child. Just think you are not caring for the baby properly when it is inside of you, then how can you once it is here. just keep this in mind.. hope this helps
First of all I hope that you are not choosing drugs over your baby. Ive seen first hand what that does to a family and its sad. If they doctor chooses to test your placenta then child services can be called in.(at least in this state) Also, i watched someone who smoked weed the whole 9 months (which i did not agree with AT ALL) and her child had to stay in the hospital for many extra days. He is ALWAYS sick and does not breathe right.
If it is you who is smoking marijuana, just think that from the moment you knew you were pregnant you have a responsibility, you need to take good care for that little one, if you really wanna have this baby try to bring to life as healthy as you can and also for you to stay haelthy for him/her.
O yes ma'am they will! I live in a SMALL town and know a girl who has gotten all of her kids taken away for that reason! The do drug test on them babies as soon as you have them! But I hope you are not the one smoking if you are pregnant!!!
Yes they will. My aunt takes perscription meds and they drug tested the baby right after birth and took him away untill she showed her scripts. It's the same with any other drug, if it shows up in your child's system he or she will be taken from you.
hey dear dont let people scare you. As long as your honest with the doctor or the case worker  they will not take your baby. You may catch a dyfs case and if you continue to smoke after they tell you not to...then eventually it may lead to that.But not at first.. Honesty is your best bet regarding that stuff. They see that stuff everyday. G luck
Am I the only one completely appalled by this question???  I have to speak my peace.  If you are gonna continue to do things that are harmful to you unborn child, like taking drugs, even marijuana,  then you really deserve a visit by social services.  That child will very likely be born with a lot of health problems.  And if you cant take care if yourself when you are pregnant, why will you be responsible in taking good care of a child?!?!  I hope noone is offended by this, but if you continue to do illegal drugs while pregnant you deserve to get your baby taken from you when he is born.
I been smoking marijuana for the pass 13 years. I have 3 three children that was born healthy.  My Ob/gyn and midwife both knew I smoke.  Both inform me that it not a problem aslong as I don't mix it with any blem and it has to naturally grown with no chemical.  Right now I am on my fourth pregnancy with twins, the only reason why I stop now is that I can't stand the smell.  This is going to help me quit now!  Once I hate a smell during my pregnancy after I gave birth I still hate it.  Women have been smoking and also drinking the tea for generations, with healthy children being born.  People get judemental on women who smoke weed, but at the end of the day we walk out side and we breath in chemecial in the air that is  produce by factories.  We also eat food that contain chemicals.  So at the end of the day a women has the rights to do what she wants her unborn child and her body.  Who is you are I to judge her on choices she makes.  Being HONEST with your health care provider is the best way to go.  And Yes all my children came home with me none were drugs test after they were born.  Drug test are being done on baby whose mother are on more chemically mix street drugs and medications, that poses a higher risk of birth defects for those baby.

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