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Will the first week of breastfeeding be as bad as the first time?

3 answers
By the time I have the little one I will have not breastfed for 9 mos.--I quit producing enough to breastfeed my other one when I got pregnant--and I am just curious if my nipples will still be used to it from the first baby or if I will go through the pain of the first week or so again!! Anyone go through anything similar?

answers (3)

Your breasts will do the same things they did after your first baby's birth, but you will be more used to breastfeeding so you and Baby should be able to perfect the dance more quickly this time - leading to less discomfort sooner. And you'll know what is happening and what to do about it if your duct gets clogged or your nipples crack and bleed, so it shouldn't be too bad.
HECK NOO! 2nd time around BF is alot easier!! Your nipples are used to it, (depending on how long you nursed 1st time or how long its been since you have nursed period, i.e. ten years??) But you  will know what to do and it will be easier I promise!!!!
LOL! thank you--that makes me feel much better!

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