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Will I get another one?

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I have had 2 ultrasounds and I am 30 weeks tomorrow Just wondering if I am going to get another one... I love seeing my son... It is def my favorite part!

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It really depends on your doctor and if they feel you will need another one. This is my 5th baby and I have had 4 with this pregnancy. I had 1 yesterday and I'm due in 12 days. My third ultrasound was because the baby was measuring 4 weeks ahead, but that  has evened out, and the 1 yesterday was because I lost 22 pounds with this pregnancy, but that turned out ok too because the baby is growing fine. With some of my kids I only had 2 and with other's I had more.
It also depends on your insurance. Your insurance could determine if you need more if everything seems fine. I've had 2 and I'm only 15 weeks so I know I have another one atleast to tell the sex of the baby. Some insurances are more strick than others. I hope you get another but if not you only have 10 weeks until your due date! Good luck! :)
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