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will I have another ultrasound before the baby come?

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Unless you start suffering from complications that will give them a reason to keep checking up on the little guy, the only other one they should do is the one in the 5th month where they can finally tell if it's a boy/girl.  They'll do that one on your belly and you can see how big he's gotten.  They'll also check to see that all the organs are there and what their measurements are, and they'll also take other measurements of his head and such- just to make sure everything looks alright.
You should have 3 ultrasounds done before the baby is born.  I am not sure how many you have had done now, but they usually do one when you are around 10 weeks, then around 20 weeks, and they will do a final one when you are around 30 weeks.  If your ob docotor says otherwise then that is their procedure.  You can always ask, even though they may say no.  Some ob doctors have ultrasound machines in their offices and are happy to do it for you and then again others won't.  So your best bet is to ask your ob doctor about it.

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