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Will I know for sure?

2 answers
If i had a miscarriage would i know for sure? Is there a chance that i could have one and have no idea it even happened?

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yes u can have a misscarraige and not know..some women beed and misscarry that way and other women( like me) misscarry and not know right away.. i found out at 16 weeks last yr that the baby stopped growing at 12 weeks and i had no sign of this just depends on the sister misscarried last month and she bleed at home so thats how she knew..but u may know if ur heart that somethings is wrong..i did but i ignored it hoping i was wrong becasue i never bleed or had cramping..if u suspect something call ur doc..i hope everything works out!
My sister also lost a set of twins that way. She went to the dr and found out their hearts had stopped beating. I however didn't even know I was prego (cause I was on the depo shot) and thought I was having the worst period ever. I hope everything is fine for you. Be sure and call your dr if you think something is going on. Good luck. :)

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