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will my breasts leak when pregnant

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I know that for some people, the answer is yes. But not for everyone and not a lot! Just a little tiny crusty bit that you can wipe off in the shower. It won't soak through your clothes or anything even close to that; it'll barely even be noticeable to you, if it even happens. If you're leaking a lot, I'd call the doctor and ask what's up. (But I doubt it's anything dangerous -- not that I'm a doctor!)
I'm 28 weeks and with my first daughter I had a lot of leakage and I do as well with this pregnancy. Sometimes just bumping things is enough to have to change my shirt, the doctor says its just the perfect way for your body getting ready to create milk for baby!
With some people, yes. I am 31 weeks and I started to notice a white crust a my nipple at 24 weeks. I also have occasional leaking in my sleep where I wake up and my sheets are week or white from the leakage. And sometimes I feel it coming out...its very sticky, sort of like tree sap. My doctor said it is normal.
I'm a mother of two with one on the way I am also studying to be a mid-wife. Through all of my pregnantcies I worked closly with a nursing consaultant because I had inverted nipples and leaked eanough milk to feed a baby almost daily. This pregnancy I'm leaking about half the amout as my pevious pregnancy. My point is some weamon will leak and other will not. But wether you soaking through you clothes or not leaking at all this will not affect your ability to nurse if that is your intention. I do sugest that you slurge on some nursing pads because even if you don't need them now you'll need them after the baby is born wether you nurse or not. Good luck and congrats! I this gives you a piece of mind.

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