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Will she b early...? Or jus a healthy big baby...!?

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I went 2 dr other day{10.23.2010} i was 24weeks n 1day, wen dey measured da baby dey sed she's at 25weeks n 3days... N she weighs about 1lb n 6oz! I'm shown pretty much alot... Thru da preg so far I hve lost 21lbs which now dey want me ta gain 38 by ma due date{2.19.2011}... do u thnk it's possible???! N do u thnk ma baby will cum early by bein a week ahead of time??? Or do u thnk she wil b a big healthy baby???

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I was 24 weeks on monday and I'm tracking 6 days ahead so i gained a week too, but my doctors didn't move my due date.  My little boy was right at a pound when I went for my ultrasound 4 weeks ago.  It sounds to me like the baby is growing as she's supposed to and seems to be right on track with my little boy.  Baby's are going to come when they are ready.  I would guess right now she's going to be very healthy, but not a "big" baby.  Try to gain weight as they have suggested since you lost so much early on.  Ask your doctors for tips on how to gain healthy weight, eating double cheeseburgers will do it but you will pay for it later, so ask for the healthy way to gain the weight they want you to gain.  I wouldn't worry about how your little girl is doing, she sounds just fine.  :)
I wouldn't go too much by how much they think she weighs. With my son I had gestational diabetes and they thought he weighed 8 pounds and induced me 2 weeks early. He only weighed 6lbs7ozs. Thats a big difference! Your baby is fine especially if she is weighing more with how much weight you've lost. Definitely try to gain the weight because if you aren't gaining then she's taking from you and its not good for your body. Just try to relax and good luck! :)
I almost had a c-section with my daughter because they thought she was over 10lbs.... she was only 7 13, and I has a natural birth! It's all just guessing! Remember, a couple weeks ahead or behind your due date is normal! A week doesn't really matter!

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