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Work :(

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Hi girls i'm 17 wks and i'm working, i have to get up at 5am 'till 2:30pm, it's so hard for me to get up so early specially now that i'm getting bigger, does anybody know any good work-at-home job, i really can't stand this anymore and i'm the only one who's working my husband is disabled and he can't work right now.... please help!... thank you.

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I am a nanny, and work crazy hrs.. atleast 10-12 or more a day. It is really hard and I am 24 weeks. When he gets here imma be taking him to work, then when my husband is off he will keep him. There is a site that you could go to if you are interested in, called Many people are looking for nannies or babysitters,pet sitters. You can look around and see what hrs and days and what thy need done and pick the one you like. some you can get to bring them to ur house, or like mine, i go to thier house and keep up with the kids.

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