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Work problems

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I am 29 weeks and I am a cashier. I find that while I am working, and after i get off work, that my back and legs hurt really bad.. is this normal??

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It sounds normal to me. Any length of time on my feet and I'm paying for it that night. Like grocery shopping, running my other kids! Its awful but it has to do with the extra weight from the baby. Hopefully it gets better for you sweetie. Good luck! :)
Yes, completely normal.  I'm 26 weeks and my back and lower tummy ache so badly because of how I'm carrying.  Try a heating pad on low for your back or a warm bath for your whole body.  If you are getting vein issues on your legs you might want to go ahead and get some support hose.  My cousin is 29 weeks and having a terrible time with veins on her legs so she's wearing support hose full time now. 
I'm carrying him low, so maybe that has something to do with it. Plus, I'm not used to being on my feet all day because I just got this job. I haven't even been there for a week yet. I'm hoping that I just need to get used to being on my feet all day.

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