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im 18 weeks pregnant and i cant feel my baby move is this normal?? also why do i always feel like im peeing on my self ?? like little skirts of pee im so scared please help have i mention this is my first pregnancy

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Ask your doctor about anything that scares you. It is normal with first pregnancies to not feel the baby move until 20 weeks. The "little squirts of pee" could be actual pee (do your kegels!) or vaginal discharge (leukorrhea - totally normal). Probably nothing to worry about unless you have pain.
I'm 24 wks and recently had a leaking issue (through to my pants) several times a week starting around my 21st wk. I called my dr, and actually went in to traige  to make sure it wasn't amniotic fluid...due to a past miscarriage. Everything was perfectly fine! I would definitely call your OB with any questions or concerns. They can at least give you peace of mind if nothing is wrong.
Probably is pee.  I seem to have an issue holding it in when I sneeze.  Nothing to worry about probably (get checked just in case, of course), just wear a mini-pad :)
I'm 18 wks preganant with baby #5.  I just started feeling the baby move last week.  You might be to active to notice it or you don't know what you're looking for.  My friend who's baby is 4months old tomorrow, didn't feel him kick until 24wks.  If you're heavier it's harder tp feel.  You may also be sleeping when your baby is more active.  For the pee, you could have a urinary tract infection, call your dr. and ask if they can run a urine test for you, just to rule it out.  Also the baby may just be positoned just right on your bladder, so it's weaker.  I'm constantly on the tiolet, i feel like I lve there lol.  don't worry, but run it by your Ob just to ease your mind.
my babies did that all the time its ok
Mine is doing that now... it worries me to.. everyone tells me its fine. but im going to the dr tomorrow and going to ask just incase
if you dont feel movement for some time try drinking a cold glass of water and laying on your left side...should give baby a cold wash and wake him up...if you still have no movement with in a few hours i would call the doctor...remember babies start to sleep later in pregnancy so it could be nothing
you dont have to feed her table food as long as your giving her baby food and formula/breast milk and you can give her baby snacks like puffs or crunchies
You give her table food when you are comfortable with it.  Talk to her pediatrician and ask when they recommend giving her table food.  If you are giving her baby food and formula then nutritionally she's getting everything she needs.  I think sometimes people think table food is easier so that's what they go with and try to get others to do.  I personally would rather my baby have baby foods and formula then be able to eat mcdonalds chicken nugget bites at 8 months old.  You are the parent and you parent your child the way you feel is responsible!!!  Try her on like amber said some baby snacks, they make them dissolvable so that they can practice chewing and swallowing, but if she is having a hard time the food will disovle in her mouth.  The biter biscuits that are made for teething also help them practice the chewing thing too.  My 2nd son loved them.  :)
how old is she? once they start eating jar food u can give them soft things like potatoes(mashed) and things like that


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