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Worried about silcent miscarriage

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I am currently 14 weeks. It has been 4 weeks since my last check up and one more week until my next appointment. I am quite a worrier especially with one m/c, and with the cessation of morning sickness and all other first trimester symptoms and still no sign of a protruding stomach, I am beginning to become worried about a silent miscarriage. It is consuming my day to day thoughts and I don't know how I will wait 9 more days until the Dr. can use to Doppler to ease my worries. My Dr. cannot squeeze me in any sooner for reassurance. Can anyone offer me some words of encouragement to get me though these next 9 days?

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You could ask your family physician to run a quantitative HCG test. It is a blood test and you will have to have o have blood crawn twice within a couple of days of each other. It will let you know if everything is going okay until you can see the doctor. I am having the same worries. I had a m/c the day after thanksgiving and my HCg number didn' even hit 300. So call your family physician right away to relieve the worries.
Your still very, very early in your pregnancy.  Pregnancy is also different for everyone.  Symptoms like morning sickness come and go; I never had it with either one of my pregnancies.  As for 'showing', I didn't show with both of mine until the 6th month.  Sometimes certain symptoms like morning sickness will be prevalent in the first trimester, them completely disappear in the second, then maybe sneak right back up on you during the third.  I barely had any pregnancy symptoms until the 6th month both times, and I now have two healthy babies with fingers and toes.  If you haven't experienced any obvious miscarriage signs like spotting, then you are probably okay. 
If you aren't having any signs of a miscarriage then you are fine.  If you had a miscarriage silent or otherwise you would still be bleeding or cramping.  But I understand the concern and worry.  I am sorry that your doctor can't get you in any sooner.  Some women just don't get pregnancy symptoms right away.  I didn't have many pregnancy symptoms with my 3rd until I was close to 3 months along then they didn't last long.  You are fine and I would quit worrying.  Once the doctor gets you into that office and lets you hear your babies heartbeat you will be so happy.  I don't think you have had a miscarriage and I know that your baby is fine.  I hope this helped.
Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement.  I truly appreciate your reassurances.  I think I will definitely sleep better, stop worrying so much and finally put this out of my mind.  Thank you so much!!

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