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Worth the Hype?

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I have always loved the name Edward, Eddie for short. But since all the Twilight hype I'm worried people will think I am naming my child after that. Or maybe that he will get grief growing up with that name. What do you think?

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my friend just  named  her  son  Trent Edward and had to explain that it was not because of twilight. my opinion? dont let twilight ruin the name you love! if someone comments on the name just calmly explain that no its not because of twilight!
I would go ahead n name your son that cuz if thats the name u love then go with it. Dont let no one or even a movie discourage u from the name u like. Plus this whole Twilight series will eventually go away n be forgotten. Movies only stay popular for so long
Thanks! I'm glad that other people don't think it's a big deal. 
I feel your pain! Mine and my husband's names are both Irish/Gaelic and I found the name Cullen a few years ago and fell in LOVE with the name while looking for a name for a friends baby (since it's of the same descent and means beautiful boy basically). Now I'm pregnant and Twilight is the biggest thing ever. We don't know the sex of the baby so hopefully it's a girl and we won't have to worry! LoL.Edward seems a bit easier to play off than Cullen!
I wouldn't let it stop me!  Also, Twilight is just a phase, and Edward is a popular name.  If you wanted to name him something like Gandalf, the you might have a little more explaining to do.  If someone asks you about it, you can simply say, no and chuckle a bit.
name him what you want to
I think it's alright as a middle name.  But every time there's a huge movie like this everybody wants to name their babies after the main characters so I wouldn't use it as a first name.  If you want to call him Eddie you could just name him Edmund, Edgar, Edison, or Edwin.  Edward isn't the only option if you want to call him Eddie for short.

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